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Neil Nines’ complex music journey is rooted in the vibrant musical culture of his hometown, Baltimore, Maryland and expands through his global upbringing and experiences.  


A Peabody Preparatory trained pianist turned rock guitarist and frontman, Neil learned to DJ and dove into electronic music after being inspired by experiences in the New York underground scene and major production shows in Las Vegas.    


Neil is now considered among the major influencers in the Baltimore DJ scene through his long-standing residencies and partnerships with venues, agencies, and promoters in the area.  


Stylistically he is best known for his ability to weave between the commercial and underground through a wide range of genres from deep, tech, and electro house to moombahton, trap, global dance, and hip hop.  


After spending the last two years honing his production skills, Neil begins to release his pipeline of unique collaborations and performances, with the goal of further developing the EDM music scene in Baltimore and beyond through his unique perspective as a musician, DJ, and producer. 

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